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Take your meds!

Take your meds!

Consider thinking and dwelling on your past the same as you not taking care of your health, not taking care of yourself. If you had a migraine, would you not take your meds to feel BETTER and make your migraine go away? Living in the past, is like you not taking your meds when you have a migraine and wishing and hoping to feel BETTER. Consider you dwelling in your past not taking your meds.

Have you ever met someone who was not taking care of their health? Someone who had a major illness and they were not doing what the doctor recommended them to do? How did you feel about this person’s actions? If they passed away due to not taking care of themselves and their health, how did that make you feel?

Thinking of the past is just like not taking your meds when you are sick. “It makes no sense!” The past is just a story at this point, it has no power!

Live in the present, concentrate and enjoy the moment. Take your meds and forge forward!

Taking my meds,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


Listen to your child speak.

Listen to your child speak.

Being a school administrator gives me a GREAT opportunity to listen to what happens in others’ households.

I am tickled pink to hear children tell exactly what happens at home as I notice the discomfort of parents as they know that what they are hearing is inappropriate but TRUE!

Parents, if you think that what you are doing, saying or the way you are acting in front of your children would make you feel embarrassed if others hear you, or are told the story by your children, then, please, consider not doing it, saying it or acting in that manner.

Your children are learning from you!

Gone are the days that you can say to your child:
“Do as I say and not as I do!”
That command worked on us, but it will not work on our children!

You are your child’s first role model!

Working at being an example,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


“I Am Imagination!”

Life will be so much more enjoyable if we used our imagination more frequently!

When we were children we use to use our imagination on a daily basis. Then, we grew up and something happened.

I challenge us as we get ready for 2014, to choose to make our imagination part of our 2014 resolution.
We will use our imaginations to see our Lives like we really want it to be. We will use our FREE time (driving, just before we fall asleep, when we wake up, etc.) to imagine a situation that we want.

I am starting it today, who wants to join me?

Imagination bound,
Coach Arthur


I Am Strong & Very Courageous

I Am Strong & Very Courageous

You need someone in your life to speak words of encouragement to your body, your mind and your soul. Why can that person be you?

You and I are Stronger than we think! You are much stronger than you think. Anytime you are going through something that may seem uncomfortable, remember that GOD gave you everything that you needed to be victorious in the situation.

When you find yourself in situations that require your growth, remember you have the ability to speak to yourself. You have the ability to speak to your challenges. Using Joel Osteen words, don’t speak to GOD about how big your challenges/opportunities for growth are, speak to your challenges how BIG Your GOD Is!

Be Gentle with yourself, be your BEST Advocate, but MOST Importantly, remember that you are much stronger than you think!

Here is to your Strength,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


Peace begins with YOU!

Peace begins with YOU!

When You choose to walk your world in Peace, you realize that ONLY Peaceful situations come your way!

If there is a disruption in your day, as you choose Peace, the situation will resolve itself, go away, or you will have every tool necessary to demonstrate and keep your Peace!

Peace is the key to our well-being!

Peace begins with Me,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


You are the MOST Important Person to YOU!

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"You are the MOST Important Person to YOU!
You are the MOST Important Person to YOU, and if you are not, I challenge you to consider making the choice for 2014 to make you the MOST Important Person in Your Life!

Remember, there are a lot of people who LOVE You and depend on You! In order for you to give them Your BEST, You MUST LOVE Yourself and be Gentle with Yourself.

You are the ONLY You You Got!

Being Gentle with Me,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


“Is Not About YOU!

Don Miguel Ruiz is one of my favorite authors. I have made the intention to become an expert in sharing his book “The Four Agreements” with as many parents, teens and individuals in my world via workshops and presentations.

When I saw this picture I was tickled pink, and decided to use this opportunity to share his second agreement. “Don’t take anything personal!”
When someone is interacting with you, there are doing it from their perspective, from their point of view, from their experiences. When they are giving you advice, they are speaking from the way they see life, from the agreements they have made to themselves.
Therefore, you MUST always remember that the words that are coming out of someone’s mouth are about them and how they see life and not about you!

Don’t take things personally because you are here to fulfilled your Life’s Purpose and ONLY you can do that. Taking things personally will delay your progress!

The actions of others are just that, the people around you are going to act according to their belief system. No, they are not trying to hurt you, they are trying to save themselves.

You are responsible for you. It is no one’s responsibility if you take things said to you positively or negatively, the way you perceive what you hear is TOTALLY up to you!
The other side of that coin? You are not responsible for how others perceive your words, actions or reactions.

I live my life, you live your life and we are all living our lives according to our experiences, according to how we perceive our world, and most importantly, we live our lives according to our perceptions, good, bad or indifferent; perception is our reality!

Bottom line: Everything that others tell you is the way they see you. When you learn that, you FREE yourself from the opinions of others!

Our attitude should be: “What you think about me, is none of my business!”

Being free from the opinions of others,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


Problems = Opportunities

Problems = Opportunities

Whenever you are growing through challenges see them as Opportunities!

An opportunity to GROW!

An opportunity to say “Thank You GOD for the Strength I need to conquer this challenge!”

An opportunity to know that you are not alone, and that this too shall pass!

An opportunity to buckle down and choose to learn from the lesson!

An opportunity to ask for help!

An opportunity to share your challenge with someone who needs encouragement through their own storm.

An opportunity to know that you know you will be BETTER for this experience.

An opportunity to TRUST the process!

An opportunity to see your challenge as a lesson!

An opportunity to have FAITH!

Here is to opportunities,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach