Take your meds!

Take your meds!

Consider thinking and dwelling on your past the same as you not taking care of your health, not taking care of yourself. If you had a migraine, would you not take your meds to feel BETTER and make your migraine go away? Living in the past, is like you not taking your meds when you have a migraine and wishing and hoping to feel BETTER. Consider you dwelling in your past not taking your meds.

Have you ever met someone who was not taking care of their health? Someone who had a major illness and they were not doing what the doctor recommended them to do? How did you feel about this person’s actions? If they passed away due to not taking care of themselves and their health, how did that make you feel?

Thinking of the past is just like not taking your meds when you are sick. “It makes no sense!” The past is just a story at this point, it has no power!

Live in the present, concentrate and enjoy the moment. Take your meds and forge forward!

Taking my meds,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach

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