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Thoughts + Feelings = Manifestation

Thoughts + Feelings = Manifestation

I am in the process of reading “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks for a second time. The first time I read it, I thought it was a GREAT book, now that I am reading it for the second time, I know for sure this book is a guide for manifestation, a guide for life.

The first two lessons this book taught me is that worrying is a waste of time and how to stop worrying once the feeling comes upon me. Of course if you follow my blog you know that I knew this already, but it is one thing to know it intellectually and another story entirely different to actually practice it. Practice makes perfect!!!!

I have learned and am teaching my clients that worrying is truly a waste of time because most of the issues we worry about never come to pass and if they do, they are never as horrible as our powerful thoughts make them out to be. Worrying teaches us how powerful we really are. Think of the scenarios you have thought about when you worry! Think of the feeling worrying generates! If you are not feeling good, then, you have to replace/change the thought!

Instead of worrying, we can think of thoughts that make us happy because according to Esther and Jerry Hicks, when we are thinking thoughts that make us happy and we feel the feeling of happiness we become closer to Our Source, Our GOD! Getting our thoughts and feelings together bring us closer to manifesting our Heart’s Desire! This thought has been my motivating force since August, 2013 and I am doing very well. It is not an easy task, but like everything else, it is achievable!

If you want to learn how to align your thoughts and your feelings in order to be closer to Your Source, manifest your Heart’s Desire (consider this Zumba or Hip Hop Abs for the mind), and if you want to stop worrying, reach out to me ( and I can teach you how to do it!
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Thinking & Feeling my way to my Heart’s Desires,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


What I want for My Clients!

What I want for My Clients!

I DECLARE I will use my expertise, actions and words to Cheer and Bless My Clients. I will listen intently as My Clients answer all the questions I ask so that I can write a vision statement for Them that will bring them Favor in Their Life, World & Affairs.

I will help them call out their Greatness by showing them their innate ability to be “Proud of Themselves, to LOVE Themselves, to BELIEVE in Themselves and Their Dreams. I will motivate Them and assist Them in navigating Their True Self by reminding Them how Amazing, Talented, and Beautiful They are. I will partner with My Clients in agreement that They will do GREAT things in Life.

This is My Declaration to ALL of My Clients!

Adopted from Joel Osteen “I Declare 31 Promises to Speak over Your Life” Day 14

If you want me to partner with you so that you can manifest a BETTER Life, contact me for a FREE 20 minute Life Coaching Session!

Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach