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All Is Well!

All Is Well!

It is not a secret that we all have challenges that we have to face. At times we feel as if we are the ONLY ones going through a challenging experience. Some of us feel that is BEST to keep challenges inside as talking about it might make matters worse or perhaps talking about it will show lack of Faith. All that is fine, but I guarantee you that if you were to hear other peoples’s challenges you will realize that it can always be worse!

Today’s challenges will pass. It is evident. Look at your life, think back to 5 or 10 years ago. Remember that challenge? More than likely you do not. Why? It came to pass and more than likely it happened for your Highest.

Today’s challenges are here to give you bragging rights. You will surpass your challenge, you will come on top. You will end up BETTER than you were before. If you are Wise, amongst your bragging rights you will acknowledge that of you, you can do nothing and you will give GOD All the credit and the Glory.

You know that nothing is here to stay and the ONLY constant we have is change. Be Grateful as you go through your challenges and remember that after your challenge you will have bragging rights.

To your Strength,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach