“Is Not About YOU!

Don Miguel Ruiz is one of my favorite authors. I have made the intention to become an expert in sharing his book “The Four Agreements” with as many parents, teens and individuals in my world via workshops and presentations.

When I saw this picture I was tickled pink, and decided to use this opportunity to share his second agreement. “Don’t take anything personal!”
When someone is interacting with you, there are doing it from their perspective, from their point of view, from their experiences. When they are giving you advice, they are speaking from the way they see life, from the agreements they have made to themselves.
Therefore, you MUST always remember that the words that are coming out of someone’s mouth are about them and how they see life and not about you!

Don’t take things personally because you are here to fulfilled your Life’s Purpose and ONLY you can do that. Taking things personally will delay your progress!

The actions of others are just that, the people around you are going to act according to their belief system. No, they are not trying to hurt you, they are trying to save themselves.

You are responsible for you. It is no one’s responsibility if you take things said to you positively or negatively, the way you perceive what you hear is TOTALLY up to you!
The other side of that coin? You are not responsible for how others perceive your words, actions or reactions.

I live my life, you live your life and we are all living our lives according to our experiences, according to how we perceive our world, and most importantly, we live our lives according to our perceptions, good, bad or indifferent; perception is our reality!

Bottom line: Everything that others tell you is the way they see you. When you learn that, you FREE yourself from the opinions of others!

Our attitude should be: “What you think about me, is none of my business!”

Being free from the opinions of others,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach

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