What I want for My Clients!

What I want for My Clients!

I DECLARE I will use my expertise, actions and words to Cheer and Bless My Clients. I will listen intently as My Clients answer all the questions I ask so that I can write a vision statement for Them that will bring them Favor in Their Life, World & Affairs.

I will help them call out their Greatness by showing them their innate ability to be “Proud of Themselves, to LOVE Themselves, to BELIEVE in Themselves and Their Dreams. I will motivate Them and assist Them in navigating Their True Self by reminding Them how Amazing, Talented, and Beautiful They are. I will partner with My Clients in agreement that They will do GREAT things in Life.

This is My Declaration to ALL of My Clients!

Adopted from Joel Osteen “I Declare 31 Promises to Speak over Your Life” Day 14

If you want me to partner with you so that you can manifest a BETTER Life, contact me for a FREE 20 minute Life Coaching Session!

Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach

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