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I Believe in Miracles

FAITH Is a Powerful Tool!

FAITH is the type of tool that changes your life because it changes you!

FAITH allows you to be in a different zone within yourself. FAITH allows you to have total confidence in a power within you but that is not you. This Power can achieve things for you that you cannot achieve yourself. 

As you exercise FAITH, you no longer have a need to enjoy a victim consciousness. 

FAITH allows you to elevate into a state of possibility, which allows you to attract more positive outcomes. Wherever you decide to place your FAITH will determine what happens next in your Life, World & Affairs. 

You have a choice of using your FAITH faculty to have faith in the power of the world or FAITH in the Power of miracles.

You can choose to have faith in the power of fear, or FAITH in the Power of LOVE.

You can choose to have faith in the power of  the naked eye or FAITH in the GOD that lives within You!


I’m Choosing to believe in Miracles,

Coach Arthur, Certified Professional Life Coach


A Year of Miracles

Daily Devotions & Reflections

Marianne Williamson

page 215

For Reflection On Choosing Faith

Happy New Year in July!

It is ALWAYS  a good day to begin again!


Take a Life Inventory, think about what your New Year Resolutions were for 2014!1688378_701678123210038_770706810_n


How are you doing?


Are you on target with your New Year Resolutions?


Are you satisfied with your progress?


What can you do different to make a positive impact in your life, world and affairs for the rest of the year?


Do you want to become more focused on your goals?


Do you need assistance keeping YourSelf motivated?


Do you think you would be a good candidate for Life Coaching?


If you want to explore the benefits of Life Coaching, send me an email, for a FREE 20 minute Life Coaching session!


Happy New Year!

Happy New You!

Coach Arthur

Certified Professional Life Coach



Learn from Failure


Failure is not an option!

A perceived failure can only be described as such if the lesson is not learned. 

When we choose to learn humility, forgiveness, depth of reflection and better decision making skills, then, we have not failed.
Once a lesson is learned, it cannot possibly be a failure.

Everything happens for a reason and everything happens for our Highest Good! GOD is in the Business of Our Highest good. Therefore, if it happens and we learn the lesson, then, we can name the situation good and very good. 

The people that we admire and those we call GREAT have experienced situations that can be described as failures. What is the difference between them and a regular person?
They have made a conscious decision to dig deep within themselves and find the strength to get back up. 

If a situation is in front of Us, is because we have everything within us to be successful, therefore it cannot be a failure.

Life is a “Thinking Thing” and failure is not a thought that should be an option!

A Year of Miracles, Daily Devotions and Reflections by Marianne Williamson

Day 186 – Today I choose to learn from my failures

Here is to Success,

Coach Arthur

Certified Professional Life Coach




“I Bestow Blessings Upon You!

As I study the teachings of Joel Osteen I am now convinced that I have the Power to Bless others as well as myself.

Reading the 11th day of Joel Osteen’s daily word, it inspired me to bestow a Blessing upon ALL of my readers:

I Declare Abundant Blessings Upon You and Yours. GOD Blessed you with Faith, Peace and Understanding! As you walk through the day
I Bless you with the Faith you need in order to encounter your day Victoriously.
I Bless you with Peace so that you can walk through your day knowing that ALL IS Well!
I Bless you with understanding to convince yourself that no matter what you see you will be the last one standing.

I Bless You with the realization that as long as you put GOD First, you have Faith and Understanding you can have the Desires of your Heart!

Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


The MOST important thought to remember for 2014

The MOST important thought to remember for 2014

Happy New Year!
Happy New You!

Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


All Is Well!

All Is Well!

It is not a secret that we all have challenges that we have to face. At times we feel as if we are the ONLY ones going through a challenging experience. Some of us feel that is BEST to keep challenges inside as talking about it might make matters worse or perhaps talking about it will show lack of Faith. All that is fine, but I guarantee you that if you were to hear other peoples’s challenges you will realize that it can always be worse!

Today’s challenges will pass. It is evident. Look at your life, think back to 5 or 10 years ago. Remember that challenge? More than likely you do not. Why? It came to pass and more than likely it happened for your Highest.

Today’s challenges are here to give you bragging rights. You will surpass your challenge, you will come on top. You will end up BETTER than you were before. If you are Wise, amongst your bragging rights you will acknowledge that of you, you can do nothing and you will give GOD All the credit and the Glory.

You know that nothing is here to stay and the ONLY constant we have is change. Be Grateful as you go through your challenges and remember that after your challenge you will have bragging rights.

To your Strength,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach


You Manifest The Thoughts & The Feelings You concentrate on the MOST!

You Manifest The Thoughts & The Feelings You concentrate on the MOST!

The more you Think about thought (A), the more you feel good about Thinking about Thought (A). The faster you will manifest thought (A).

Thoughts and the feelings good thoughts generate in your mind are really the 2 things you really, really need (let’s not forget FAITH) in order to manifest!

Don’t bother thinking about things you don’t want in your life. You are not responsible for the thoughts that come into your mind. However, you are 100% responsible for the thoughts you choose to entertain.

Thinking & Feeling my way to my Best,

Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach