Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is that like begets like.
Your dominant thoughts and words, whether
positive or negative, will attract corresponding
experiences into your life. So be careful!
Do not allow your thoughts and words to dwell in
places you would rather not go.

Another way of stating the Law of Attraction is:
“As within, so without.”
Renowned New Thought teacher Emmett Fox said
that is it impossible to draw from the spiritual realm anything for which we have not first established a
mental equivalent.

If you don’t want to spill coffee on your new blouse or tie, for example, don’t spend all morning thinking or saying, “I hope I don’t spill…..”
Focus instead on something you do want.
But never desire something that belongs to someone else.
Want ONLY what is yours by right of consciousness. It will prove much more gratifying in the end.

“And thou shalt overlay it with pure gold,
within and without….
Exodus 25:11

Daily Inspiration for a Better Living
May, 2013
Wednesday, May 22, 2013, page 29
A Publication of The Universal Foundation for Better Living, Inc.

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Happy Attracting,
Coach Arthur
Certified Professional Life Coach

5 responses to “Law of Attraction

  1. I think the “law of attraction” is a bit of a fooey. Of course, positive thought should be encouraged. No one likes a sour puss. But positive thought without action will get us no where. We can;t think ourselves into a new SUV, If a new SUV is our goal, then taking the proper steps to advance our lives to the point of affording a new SUV may get us there. However, perhaps God’s plan calls for us to drive a used Kia Rio and work at the homeless shelter in our spare time instead of taking a second job to buy the new SUV? The patrons of the homeless shelter’s prayers may well be answered by our heeding to this call. And conversely, perhaps our prayer will be answered by our doing a solid day’s work, and the company acknowledging this with a raise in salary. We may have listened to God, and someone in the company we work for may have listened to God in their heart, causing a positive outcome. God is our partner, not some indifferent, New Age, “universe,” God is a thinking, caring, loving entity who has our best interests at heart one hundred percent of the time. We can’t think our way into anything without going through Him first. This does not mean that if we are in trouble, it means that God does not care. God may be speaking to the hearts of a multitude to answer our very prayers. We may see the answer to our prayers in the faces of our neighbors.


  2. Interesting!
    ‘When I want something I ALWAYS go to GOD in prayer, my premise is ALWAYS: Not my will but your will be done! Everything happens for a reason and for my Highest good even when I don’t see it. With that in mind, I practice the Law of Attraction knowing that GOD Is My Source and if it is meant for me to have/do it/be it it will come to me in Divine order and in Divine time! That is where patience and Faith come in!
    In my opinion, in order for the Law of Attraction to work you need GOD, Faith and ACTION!
    Coach Arthur


  3. Hi there, I read your blogs regularly. Your writing style is awesome, keep it up!


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