A Parents’ Guide to Making Great Memories When Traveling With Young Children

Family vacations create the perfect opportunity for bonding. The ways to make memories that will last a lifetime are limited only to your imagination – and, of course, your budget. So next time, use these helpful tips from NieCat Life Coaching to reduce expenses and enjoy a blissful and carefree time together.

Stick to a Travel Budget

As un-fun as it may sound, adhering to a set budget can add to your enjoyment by eliminating surprises and keeping your vacation affordable. HowStuffWorks notes to factor in all travel-related costs, including transportation, accommodations, food and beverage, entertainment, and souvenirs.

Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

Many airlines, rental car companies, and hotels have rewards programs that offer discounts, perks, and credits toward future travel. In addition, you can apply for a travel rewards credit card. Earn points on purchases and redeem them to cover trip expenses.

Travel During Off-Peak Times

With little ones, your available travel times are not limited to school breaks. Choose off-peak dates for lower prices and fewer crowds.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Destination

Your ideal destination will depend on your budget, travel distance, and your children’s ages and interests. If your kids are out of the baby stage, you’ll want a location that’s easy to get around and features attractions that captivate a child’s attention. Two of the best cities for family travel are San Diego and Orlando.

Besides incredible beaches, San Diego boasts the impressive San Diego Zoo, the fun-filled New Children’s Museum, and the timeless Balboa Park Carousel. Stroll over to Little Italy for delicious pizza and gelato.

Orlando may be best known for a certain mouse-themed park, so consider hitting up Disney World, a fun idea everyone can enjoy. This doesn’t have to break the budget, either, thanks to sites like MouseLifeToday.com, which offers deals and discounts, tourist news, and a rewards program. There are also plenty of other kid-friendly sites to explore in Orlando. For instance, outer space enthusiasts will feel out of this world at the Kennedy Space Center.

Spend Less on Meals

TrueMoneySaver.com points out that the average family of four spends approximately $300 per day on meals during vacation. Cut this amount by packing breakfast and lunch items. For dinner, choose restaurants that offer free or discounted children’s meals.

Read Your Kids’ Cues and Stay Flexible

While it’s helpful to know the day’s agenda, be prepared to change at a moment’s notice. If your kid displays crankiness, head back to the hotel instead of trying to squeeze in one more sightseeing excursion. Also, kids seem to be biologically wired to need snacks at regular intervals. Avert meltdowns by having quick and easy snack options readily available.

Opt for a Staycation

Staycations are highly underrated. Save tons of money by treating your home as a resort. You can be sure your accommodations will be clean and comfortable. You can also experience your local area from the lens of a tourist. Visit popular attractions and dine out at favorite restaurants.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Closely monitor your children, particularly when in an unfamiliar city. Ease anxiety about safety and security by preparing for hypothetical emergency scenarios. Give your child an ID bracelet or device containing your contact information. Have a plan in place for what to do should you become separated.

While traveling with kids may sometimes be a tiring and expensive, you can minimize stress and costs by planning, prioritizing, and pivoting when necessary. Any trip fatigue will fade, but the memories made will last forever.

NieCat Life Coaching uncovers your true potential as a parent and empowers you to lead a life that is worth celebrating with your children. Contact Coach Arthur today for more information, 305 761 5135. Visit our website: http://www.niecatlifecoaching.com

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